Dirk Steele

Rookie cop who wants to be a hero like in the movies, has a pet eyeball, the straight man of the group


Obsession: being the big hero, like in the moving pictures

Noble stimulus: being the protagonist/hero, doin the good things and helping dudes
Anger stimulus: really evil stuff, like beyond the regular crime stuff, human sacrifice, all that bad stuff
Fear stimulus: (Self) Being unable to save the day, because he cant live up to pedestal he has put himself on

Body: 40
Speed: 70
Mind: 50
Soul: 60

Body Skills:
General Athletics: 40
Struggle: 30

Speed Skills:
Dodging: 40
Driving: 30
Initiative: 25
Rooty Tooty Point n Shooty: 21

Mind Skills:
General Education: 25
Notice: 30
Conceal: 25
Policemans Intuition (Cole Phelps powers): 31

Soul Skills:
Charm: 45
Lying: 15
Obfuscating Stupidity (looking stupid and harmless): 31

In his pockets:
- Notepad and pen
- Clarence
- Sunglasses (Aviators)
- a nightstick


Rookie policeman, Dirk Steele, got transferred to gladewater
stuffs messed up
he saw a spider that was basically an eyeball with spider legs
it follows him around and chitters at him
hes the only person who finds it odd
later when they get used to each other its on his shoulder and he feeds him words sometimes
his name is Clarence and he is adorable

Dirk Steele

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